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Weijia Kang

Character Artist / Illustrator

Phone:        323.828.9873

Address:     1160 N El Centro Ave,Los Angeles, CA 90038


I am a character artist with focus on sculpting, modeling and texturing. After starting out with creating 2D concepts for costumes and props in practical effects,  I found love in telling story in 3D form. This allows me to visualize the designs more vividly and able to bring them to life. I enjoy creating characters and creatures in all kinds of styles.

I am currently based in Los Angeles.


3D Modeling



  • Sculpt detailed and anatomically correct human and creatures

  • Create production ready models in both high-poly and low-poly

  • Create photo realistic and stylized face, hair, costumes and other hard surface props

  • Create natural dynamic poses

  • Create clean UV maps

  • Create believable textures and shaders

  • Design characters and creatures in both 3D and 2D

  • Sketch characters with dynamic poses and facial expressions

  • Illustrate detailed costumes and props

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